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US Single! Pop Big Brother, US Album, Sun Article Steps to entertain the troops

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We are two years old tomorrow! Quite scary eh? I know that many of you have been visiting almost daily since our launch nearly 2 years ago! I’ll write up a little speech thingy for tomorrow’s news page. Also to celebrate we will be giving away copies of the new US album and some other CDs, but not tomorrow :o| as we’ve not got the other CDs yet. So keep checking back for more details on the competition. Anyway onto the US news ….The first proper US single taken from the album Buzz will be Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) the single goes to US Radio Stations on August 6th. Now it is important that we try and get this single to have an effect on US radio. Therefore if you’re local station in the US has an online request for songs, or an e-mail address to request the song then please contact us at [email protected] with the URL and/or e-mail address and we will try our best to get the song on your local station and hopefully the rest will catch on :o) It does seem that the delayed G-A-Y performance is due to it becoming an album launch rather than a single launch, so expect the single out in September still and the album and any other video/dvd release on the 15th October. H has reached the final stage of the Smash Hits Pop Big Brother house. He now needs our votes to win, so get over to Smash Hits and vote for him. Remember you are voting for the winner! Thanks to Tom for this information. So you want a copy of the US Album? Yesterday I gave a link to CDNOW where you can get a copy for just over �10 plus whatever the shipping cost it. Well Amazon UK now have the album available, it is on back order, and costs �16.99. If you are interested in this then you can click this link here . Thanks to everyone who sent in this article which appears in today’s The Sun; Faye backs Jasper all the way STEPS beauty FAYE TOZER is backing her fiance Jasper Irn all the way. FAYE will be providing backing vocals on a track for Jasper’s band O.N.E. It is likely that the track will be used as their first release in the UK. Let’s hope he has more luck than other musicians associated with the award winning group… LISA SCOTT-LEE’s brothers failed to find a record contract and have parted company with their manager and her fiance Johnny Shentall’s band, ‘Boom’, were dropped by their record company after their first single flopped. IAN WATKINS’ (H) girlfriend Sarah Connolly was dropped by her record company after failing to make an impression on the charts with her band, ‘Yes’. And LEE LATCHFORD-EVANS former girlfriend Vicky Dawdal experienced little luck with her band ‘Girls@Play’. This is from Worldpop: Steps and Geri Halliwell have been conscripted into the army to perform two special concerts for British troops stationed in the Middle East! The chart-topping artists will fly out to Oman in October where they will perform the shows in front of 20,000 servicemen and women from the army, navy and air force. The concerts have been arranged by Combined Services Entertainment who have been providing entertainment to British forces for over fifty years. Steps’ Faye Tozer said. ‘I speak for the whole group when I say that we consider it a tremendous honour to entertain British forces overseas. It’s something we’ve never done before but we have a reputation for providing a great live show so I hope that we’ll put a few smiles on faces.’ Steps and Geri will be deployed in the middle of the SAIF SAREEA (‘Swift Sword’) exercise which involves over 20,000 British soldiers, sailors and airmen plus over 30 fast jets, 12 support aircraft, 27 ships, 60 Challenger 2 tanks and 900 armoured vehicles. It is the largest exercise of its kind since the mid-’80s.

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