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Buy US Buzz Album, Nick Concert, Blue Peter Vote

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I’ve had lots and lots of e-mails from people asking where they can buy the US release of Buzz. Well if you would rather buy a copy than enter our competition then you can now buy the album from CDNow by clicking this link here. They now have all the correct tracklisting, clips of all the songs and the full album production credits – it currently costs $14.49 for the CD which at today’s currency rate works out to be �10.15 plus shipping costs. So get buying!! If you would rather enter our competition before buying the album then check back tomorrow when our competition goes live where you have the chance to win a copy of the US album!! As you probably the Nick concert took place yesterday, well it was shown on the TV yesterday – the show was reduced to a huge 30 mins ! (Thanks Nick!) The show was edited badly and wasn’t the greatest advertisement for Steps in the US! The show showed Steps performing 4 songs, Stomp, Here & Now, Summer Of Love & One For Sorrow US Mix. Songs like It’s The Way You Make Me Feel where cut from this show. Nick seemed to have spent more time showing Steps showing the audience the Here & Now dance routine, the Interview & some competition. All in all it doesn’t sound like a good promotional show for Steps! Lets hope the Nick Webchat which takes place at midnight this Thursday (Friday Morning) is more successful.Vote for Steps song to be performed at the Blue Peter Road Show in Wales on August 15th. They will be performing Deeper Shade Of Blue. But you can choose the other one: The choices are: Tragedy : 09001 44 77 01 Here & Now : 09001 44 77 02 Stomp: 09001 44 77 03 One For Sorrow: 09001 44 77 04 You have until Tomorrow Midday to vote, calls cost 10p and get permission before voting.

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