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US Radio Update!

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You might remember that a few days ago we asked people to vote for Steps in the US in the Washington State? You might also remember that we managed to get success there also and Steps got played on the biggest Top 40 station in Seattle! Which means that you’re requests are indeed having an effect! Well it is time again for you to help! This time we are moving south to Florida! So I’ll post the information again below, also if you voted for the station in Washington you can now vote again for the station in Florida! Also please keep voting for the station in Washington as hopefully we can get Steps on the main playlist!Now remember when requesting please type something like this in the reason box; “I really like the song Mars & Venus and wanna hear it” – something simple like that – what we don’t want is stuff like “Steps RULE” or “Steps are the best” – they probably won’t listen to that and won’t play it! Keep it simple and friendly! Also if you have a .com address rather than an address (or something) use that as people from the UK requesting in the US is going to look strange. So now we are targeting two stations the first is KBKS Kiss 106.1 in Washington State the second and new station we are targeting is WHYI Y-100.7 in Florida! So click the link below and choose the Florida & Washington states and you get a bunch of Radio Stations listed. Once you’ve found the two stations listed above, click on the Play My Song button and request! Thanks for your help with this, I’m sure Steps will appreciated it if we manage to help them gain some airplay in the US! Use This URL: I’m sure that many of our UK visitors will be going back to school at some stage next week – I know that I’m back to work next week also! So updates will be at their more regular time of around 4.30pm – 5.00pm then if there is any late breaking news the site will be update from around 10.00pm onwards!

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