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I said on our message board that I would bring this news to people there a while ago, and never got around to it! So it is, a little late though, thanks to “The Deej” for sending in this news; The Canadian Buzz track listing is the same as the U.S. release, not exactly like the U.K. release that has been done in the past.The single Mars & Venus was services to radio stations on August 12th. Since there is no video for the track, the one for “It’s the Way you make me feel” went to YTV on the 20th. YTV will be a huge focus in the Canadian promotions. YTV is planning a Steps hour-long special (no air-date announced yet, which will feature all of the videos from Buzz, archives footage. Repeats will be scheduled throughout October and early November. A contest is to be part of this special, with the winner being flown to the U.K. for their Dec 7th Wembley concert. Now for an announcement. If you are not a member of our message board then you are now slowly going to start missing out on things. Of course you are missing out in the posting of messages and the friendly debates about Steps and related items but now for those who are registered now get special items and more multimedia to download/stream as they are members. Why are we doing this? Well the boards are very popular and people are enjoying posting so we are giving something back to them. So if you want more multimedia then please sign up on our board, it is free to do, and join in the discussion and get more media! :o)

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