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Steps Light Up Blackpool, Forthcoming Gig & Tour Video

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Right this news is a little sketchy at this moment, we will try and get more details on this tomorrow! Thanks to “Steps 2001” on our message board for this information! Steps where on the Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio 1 today and Faye said that the Gold Tour will be televised (Sky Box Office I assume) and will be released on video also. She also mentioned that again there will be surprises on the tour! Also mentioned in the Interview is that Steps have had more of an input on the songs on the Greatest Hits including a group song! All have been produced with Andew Frampton. Also another even later piece of news! Steps are set to perform at the Brixton Academy in London this Monday! Yes thats right on Monday! I only found out today myself! So if you are local to the venue tickets might be available still so pop down and support Steps! This is from Ananova: Steps have switched on the Blackpool Illuminations which organisers described as the boldest and best display ever. Claire, Faye, H, Lee and Lisa were cheered on by tens of thousands of fans in Talbot Square as they lit up six miles of lights along the town’s Promenade. The group was joined by Emma Bunton, Marti Pellow and Lisa Stansfield, and Swedish duo Roxette. Steps’ Lee said it was a great thrill to switch on the Illuminations. “I used to go to Blackpool as a child and have really happy memories of the town,” he said. “It’s a great place to have a good time.” Eight million people are expected to visit Blackpool to see the display, which lasts until November 4. The Blackpool Illuminations began in 1879 when just eight arc lamps were lit on the Promenade. This year’s display cost �2.4 million and includes almost 500,000 light bulbs. As reported yesterday the News Of The World posted answers to questions that you sent in! You can check out the entire questions at their website, but below are a few interesting questions & answers: Sara Vinall asked: What’s with the nurses’ outfits? I hope there’s nothing kinky behind it! Claire replied: “We all had the most amazing bras underneath. They were inflatable and we had them pumped up to the max. They made everything meet in the middle believe me. “And we’ve kept them too. All our boyfriends wanted us to take the outfits home.” Adge asked: Is it true that you’re not going to try to crack America and instead concentrate on your British, European and Asian fans instead? Lee replied: “Ask the record company. We don’t have control over the market. I’d love to go back to America personally, but to make it there you need to go for a good six months, but we’re all prepared to do it.” I would like to know which is your favourite single of all of your albums? Emma Louise Tempest. Lee: “My fave single is The Way You Make Me Feel because it’s produced well, it’s easy to sing and the fans like it.” Does Gold spell the beginning of a more grown-up Steps and writing their own songs? Katrin, Belgium. H: “Our new single Chain Reaction is classic Steps but this is a closure of this chapter. Who knows where the future leads. We’ve all been writing for this album and we’ve all contributed.” Again the all the answers at the the News Of The World website.

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