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Exciting news is coming in from the US! Steps appear on the front cover on the US Billboard Magazine for this week. The Billboard’s are the US Charts (for those who don’t know) and that the Billboard Magazine can be brought in the UK (I’ve seen it in Virgin Megastores for example). Details inside the magazine confirm the next US single along with the release date and details on the forthcoming show on US TV: STEPS BUZZ IN STORES JULY 24 TEENICK PRESENTS STEPS CONCERT JULY 8 ON NICKELODEON New York, NY … Jive Recording artist, UK Pop sensation, Steps will release Buzz on July 24. The first single, “It’s The Way You Make Me Feel” will be serviced to Radio Disney on July 16. The video has been added to Nickelodeon. TeeNick will premiere a Steps special on July 8 on Nickelodeon. The special was taped in Los Angeles at the Nick Studios. Upcoming features with Steps includes Teen People (September), Teen Beat, J-14, Bop, Pop Star and M. Steps are one of the biggest pop acts in the UK today. They have sold over 3.5 million albums in the UK alone and have racked up eleven Top 10 hits including two #1’s. They are one of UK’s biggest live acts of any musical genre, a fact recognized by a special 2000 BRIT award for ‘Best Live Pop Artist.’ Steps recently sold their one millionth UK concert ticket. This can only be a good start! The only major issue with a release on July 24th in the US is that this is the same week that US Boyband *NSYNC release their new album on the same day. Their previous release No Stings Attached sold 2.4million in its first week in the US (Only sold 13,000 in the first week in the UK which shows how non-exsistent they are here!) but anyway with the *NSYNC release the Steps album does face being forgotten about unless Jive US have some sort of promotion to promote both albums and perhaps using the *NSYNC sales to increase the Steps sales! Remember we have a video frenzy! Download the music videos to You’ll Be Sorry Here & Now & The TOTP Performance of Here & Now The TOTP performance now works! Sorry yesterday I forgot to rename the file correctly!

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