Steps in 2022

Christmas Single, You’ll Be Sorry

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Channel 4 text is reporting the following: “We can exclusively reveal that Steps release of a cover of Diana Ross’s Chain Reaction this Christmas. The track was rumoured to appear last December but it’s deffo on the way now. H told us the Greatest Hits will be out then too and they’re not splitting up” MTV does indeed have the exclusive for the You’ll Be Sorry video. You can download it from GenSTEPS by clicking here. If you do decide to use it on your own site, we don’t object, just give us credit for encoding the video and download it from our server and place it on your own! Thanks :o) I’m sure when you see it you will notice the distinct lack of fans in the video – despite the official site saying that the video is a video “for the fans”. I’m sure some sort of weak excuse will appear – probably something about editing Issues or something. If there is a chance that MTV cut that bit of the fans out then if you did go you might only have some sort of micro-seconds before the video ends. More stuff to download, in what seems to be a multimedia frenzy! If you want you can also download the Here & Now Music Video & Tonight’s performance of Here & Now on TOTP! Just if you use any of these videos on your site please download them and place them on your own server. Also please give us credit for encoding the videos by linking back to GenSTEPS. Thanks :o)

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