Steps in 2022

You’ll Be Sorry

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There seems to be a lot of confusion over who will play this video first, who actually has the video etc etc. Well hopefully I can clear, or not, things up here.Yesterday on MTV Daily Edition, Edith said that they will have the new video exclusively in a few days time. Since then I’ve had an e-mail from the very nice people at The Box who are saying that they are expecting the Steps video to be delivered to them by the end of this week for their weekly update. They also said that perhaps MTV might get the exclusive as they had the exclusive for Here & Now for 3 weeks! Which is why we’re only seeing it being played on other music channels! Also some more news (unrelated) is that EMAP (The people behind The Box etc.) are thinking about placing their other Music Channels (Kiss, Smash Hits TV etc) onto other platforms (i.e. Digital Cable) but they have no idea when, so don’t get too excited yet! My cable company (Telewest) don’t even carry The Box on it’s Digital platform – so thats a strange upgrade from analogue then when you actually lose channels in the update!

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