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UK Charts, Version 4, Billboard update

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The new UK Charts where released today, Steps news from the charts include; Steptacular drops down to number 73 on the album charts. The Live Wembley video falls the one place to number seven. For full UK and Worldwide charts pop into out Charts page! I get a lot of e-mails asking about GenSTEPS 4 and GenBackstreet. Firstly GenSTEPS 4 should be with us within the next two weeks, as I am getting a cable modem installed this coming Friday I can upload the rest of the site to the test server more quickly meaning that the final final testing can take place next weekend which should leave us open for a opening the following weekend giving us a week to iron out any major issues. As for our Backstreet site – we where due to open a few weeks ago but due to an small error the multimedia directory was deleted, again as I’ve done a lot of videos for the site all will be re-uploaded this weekend which means that also the site should be finalised in two or so weeks. It seems that yesterdays news is slightly inaccurate – despite it coming from an very reliable US source. STEPS don’t actually appear on the the cover on the latest Billboard magazine (12th May Edition) but they are mentioned inside the magazine. There is a chance that they will be appearing on the front cover but not on the most recent magazine. We’ll look into this and try and find the date of the magazine which they will be appearing in! Anyway news from the recently Billboard magazine on Steps is the following: They had an article on how acts still sell in the US without any major help from MTV US and the Pop Radio in the US. The article mentions that Steps sold 201,000 copies of Step One in the US thanks to promotion from Disney & Nickelodeon etc. They also said that Steps’ second “set” is due to hit the US this summer. We’re try and clear this issue up totally shortly!Meanwhile get voting for STEPS for this years Disney Awards 2001! STEPS are up for Best Pop Act and Best Album for Buzz (You will have to type in the best album yourself). To get voting pop over to ! Vote as many times as you can, please note to vote more than once you will need to register more than once.

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