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Cheap Buzz, Billboard Mag confusion finally cleared up, YBS Video

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Firstly everyone needs to send people down to Woolworths! They are now selling Buzz at the cheap price of just �9.99! So if you know someone who wanted to buy it but hasn’t got it you know where to tell them to go! Whist they are there they can still pick up Steptacular at the even lower price of �5.99! Thanks to Derek for this information! It seems that the STEPS News on Billboard has finally been cleared up. It seems that we where reporting on the Industry copy of Billboard Magazine and NOT the retail one available in the stores. Anyway there was a picture on the front of this copy, of about 2 inch’s squared. Not the whole cover but it’s still on the front eh? The text that went with the article can be found on the 12th May news story! Remember to vote for STEPS at this years Disney Awards, no matter what part of the globe you are from! Head over to I got an e-mail from The Box today (No idea why!) they inform me that they did receive the video to You’ll Be Sorry last Friday but it wasn’t added to their playlist due to “technical reasons” – the same day MTV claim it to be their exclusive! So seems like a strange excuse to me. Anyway the good news is that they inform me that it will be on their playlist from this coming Friday! This is from Channel 4 text: Following in the steps of bandmates Lisa and Faye, Claire from top pop combo Steps have moved in with her dancer boyfriend Mark Webb. An engagement could also be in the offering (News Of The World) TRUTH: Lisa’s heading up the aisle with Johnny from Boom! and Faye’s lurved up with Jasper, so has love gotten hold of ALL the Steps girls’ hearts? “Nope,” barked their press chappie. The story isn’t true. Download the music videos to You’ll Be Sorry Here & Now & The TOTP Performance of Here & Now The TOTP performance now works! Sorry yesterday I forgot to rename the file correctly!

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