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Lisa postpones marriage, Mardi Gras, YBS,

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This is from Channel 4 Text: Proclaiming their lurve in a snooty glossy mag hasn’t stopped Lisa and Johnny postponing their wedding. The pop couple were due to tie the knot next year but have put back the date by two years so Johnny can concentrate on getting Boom on track! You can buy your Mardi Gras tickets now, acts including Steps, Atomic Kitten, Five can be brought over at Tickets are �16.25, the event is held in London’s Finsbury Park. We have heard and read that the fans where left out of the You’ll Be Sorry video ‘due to editing difficulties’. I might just be being mean here but looking at the video concept and trying to include fans in it would have been a tough task. Obviously the concept of the video was known way before the shoot and it does seem to me that someone has messed up big time, either Jive Records, their management team, the director/producers of the video or a combination of all of them, whatever the excuse is its pretty unfair for those who turned up, especially those who had to travel the length of the country!

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