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US Buzz available on CD Now in the UK

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Want to buy the US album? Well you can buy it from CD Now where you can get a copy for just over £10 plus whatever the shipping cost is. Or Amazon UK now have the album available too. It is on back order, and costs £16.99.

Also remember that Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) goes to US Radio Stations on 6 August. Now it is important that we try and get this single to make a splash on US radio. Therefore if your local station in the US has an online request for songs, or an email address to request the song then please contact us at [email protected] with the URL and/or email address and we will try our best to get the song on your local station and hopefully the rest will catch on.

We still haven’t had confirmation on where Buzz ended up in the US charts. We do know that NSYNC fell short of two million copies of their new album Celebrity in the US, selling just over 1.97 million copies in a week. The US charts usually are updated on a Thursday we will know then if Steps have managed a Top 100 place or not.

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