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The Official Site has only just got news up on their pages about the US album being out in the US. This might be due to the US album doing very badly in sales over the past week in the US due to no promotion basically.
We have reason to believe that Buzz entered the US Billboard Charts at the low number 253 in last weeks US charts, while fellow Label Mates *NSYNC sell a huge 1.88million copies of their new album – we all know why – they are an established act in the US and they actually got promotion! We do know that the Number 50 album in the US last week sold around 30,000-35,000 copies so down at 253 … The Princesses Diaries soundtrack did debut in the US charts at number 84 though, Steps are on that soundtrack, so there will be a little more exposure from that.

Thanks to our good friends over at United Steps of America – who are keeping us up to date with any sort of US news that we don’t come across – who have pointed out that Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) is only set for a US Radio release – therefore a non commercial release (Can’t buy the CD in stores) so it’s important that we try and get success on US Radio. Therefore if you live in the US please send us details of your local station and how we can request Steps, and any big stations that you know off that we can request to [email protected] – thanks!

Anyway I’m sure some of you where at the Nick chat yesterday – pretty non eventful really – Lee was the only member in the chat and they talked about concentrating their efforts on the album in the US – when asked about the new UK single Chain Reaction, the item was generally ignored and he said that they are planning some new and bigger stuff for the forthcoming UK Arena Tour.

Steps seem busy with the webchats, there is another one next week, this time in Australia! This webchat takes place a 9am BST on Wednesday 8th August. There is currently a poll on the website to where you can vote for what member you want to chat too at their website at – So get voting and remember the chat!

We have our other competition CDs now, we will get the competition up tomorrow!! So check back for that!

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