Steps in 2022

Two Ananova Reports

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This is reported on ananova: Steps star to appear on TV as Karen Carpenter Steps star Claire Richards is among the famous names taking part in a new Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes. She appears as Karen Carpenter, with Boy George as David Bowie, A1 as The Beatles, Sonique as Donna Summer, and Belinda Carlisle as Connie Francis. The show has been recorded and will be screened later this year. The live final of the current series of Stars In Their Eyes takes place on July 14 and features impressions of Dusty Springfield, Bob Marley and Kylie Minogue. Also from Ananova, I missed this earlier: Steps have put back the release date of their forthcoming Greatest Hits collection. It was originally scheduled for release on September 25. But the compilation is now expected to hit the shops on October 15. It is now thought the band’s forthcoming single, a cover of the Diana Ross hit Chain Reaction, will fill the September release slot. But a spokesperson for the band says this could change in time. Seems that Jive do have some brain cells after all as the September release date clashes with the new Michael Jackson album , which is also the release date of the new Victoria Beckham album, but Virgin seem set to delay her album too.

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