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Claire beats Breast Cancer?

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Thanks to a few people who sent this into me: STEPS singer CLAIRE RICHARDS wept last night as she revealed to me the terrifying cancer fear she hid from her boyfriend, her family and the rest of the hit band. In a frank interview, the 23-year-old beauty told the News of the World for the first time how her world collapsed around her as she found a lump in her breast just two months ago. Claire had just flown home to be with dancer boyfriend Mark Webb after a Steps promotional tour of the States when she made the shattering discovery. “I was in the shower and just washing myself when I felt this strange lump,” she whispered. “I’ve had little lumps before and know what to look for � but this one was different. “I was really scared. It felt like someone had knocked all the air out of me. I couldn’t move � I thought my world was going to end.” Claire had good reason to be frightened. Her mum Nina developed a lump last year and had to have it removed. And the singer knew full well how important it was to get treatment early. But she was too afraid to admit she needed help � and kept her dreadful secret for a dangerous and agonising TWO WEEKS. “I thought if I forgot about it, it would go away,” said Claire. “I came out of the shower and Mark and I had nice night in but he never knew what I had found. “I just put my head in the sand and thought things would be fine.” But it turned out to be two weeks of sheer hell. “I couldn’t stop thinking about it but wouldn’t tell anyone,” said Claire. “I became snappy and kept bursting into tears. I couldn’t stop crying. “My mum and Mark would ask me what was wrong and I would say it was the stress of work. I wanted to tell them but couldn’t bring myself to do it.” But one night the star could hold her anguish in no longer � and poured out her heart to her mum “We hugged and cried,” said Claire. “I had to tell my mum in the end because she’s the rock of the family. “She’d had a lump removed and I’d been with her to the hospital. I felt this huge weight lift off me and I felt better knowing I’d told my mum and Mark.” The next stage was to tell the rest of the band. Female members Faye Tozer and Lisa Scott – Lee gave Claire a group hug � and it meant a lot to her. Claire explaineds: “The guys, H and Lee were cool too but Faye and Lisa really understood what I was going through. They’ve all been behind me from day one.” Claire nervously made a hospital appointment�and a biopsy was arranged. “The night before I just couldn’t sleep,” says Claire. “I remember walking into the hospital the next day. Luckily as soon as we arrived it was my turn. I don’t think I could have sat in the waiting room for too long. “The doctor put me at ease and explained what was happening which helped me relax as much as I could. I was lucky because it was the same doctor who treated my mum last year. “It was a nightmare but Mark was great and really supportive. It made me wonder why I’d kept it from them in the first place.” Last week Claire got results back giving her the all-clear. Doctors had found that the lump was a benign fibroid cyst “It was a huge relief,” says Claire. I’m so lucky. Something like this puts your life into perspective.” I’ve known Claire for four years. I was the first journalist to interview Steps when they formed. Now they are one of the biggest pop phenomena in the country. Claire has always been the life and soul of the party � but the girl I have just interviewed seems a little older and wiser after her scare. “It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how famous you are � cancer can come for anyone,” she says. “There are 1,000 women a month diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m just so lucky I wasn’t one of them this time.” CHECKS THAT SAVE LIVES CLAIRE may have been terrified when she discovered her lump � but she was instinctively doing the right thing after the scare her mum had been through. It is vital that women check their breasts regularly. This is what to look for: CHANGE in the outline or shape of breasts. PUCKERING or dimpling of the skin. LUMPS, thickening or bumpy areas in one breast or armpit which seem different from the other. NIPPLE discharge, new to you and not milky. Bleeding or moist reddish areas which don’t heal easily. CHANGE in nipple position or a rash on or around the nipple. This is from the News Of The World – not excatly one of the most reliable sources in the world – but If they are falseifing this sort of story then I hope that someone does something against them as something like this is no near a joke. Therefore I am thinking that something like this is true. Therefore GenSTEPS and it’s visitors would like to wish Claire all the best and we are all happy for you that you where given the all clear!Party In The Park was pretty interesting this year. Personally I think Destiny’s Child stole the show again – the organisers must have known they where the main attraction as they got their whole new stage set and performed 7 songs!Thanks to Harvey for pointing out that he had a word with Pete Matrine who is one of the people behind Sleaze Sisters. He mentioned that the remix of One For Sorrow is due on the single with Chain Reaction due in September.In the new UK Charts released today, Here & Now / You’ll Be Sorry drops down to number 34 on its 5th week on the Chart. Buzz drops outside the Top 100 again. The Live Wembley video falls two places to number 5 on the music videos chart.

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