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Firstly some non Steps news. AJ from the huge worldwide act the Backstreet Boys has gone into rehabilitation for a Drinks, Depression & Anxiety issues. He is expected to have recovered enough for him to join the group for their US tour which now again restarts in a month’s time after the cancellation of their tour dates for this month. Lets hope he does get better soon as the Backstreet Boys have global sales of more than 70million and are one of the biggest acts around today. I know I was hoping to see their concert in the UK at the end of this year but it seems that won’t be happing now due to this. STEPS appeared at there last UK Shows in 1999 at London’s Earls Court – but not on the night I went :o)Here is what is the RUMOURED tracklisting to the new Steps single Chain Reaction. I’m not saying this is the actual release and if the format is correct. Thanks to Gordon for this information: CD1: 1. Chain Reaction (Radio Edit) 2. I Know Him So Well 3. Human Touch (Q-Street Mix) CD2: 1. Chain Reaction 2. I Know Him So Well (WIP Classic) 3. One For Sorrow (version of remix has not been confirmed possibly the Sleaze Sisters Mix) 4. Chain Reaction (WIP off the wall mix) Please not this is just a rumour at this moment – now I know we don’t usually print rumours but as this is possibly a single news item I have printed it anyway so don’t get too excited yet as the single release is still a while away!

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