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STEPS have picked up one award at today’s TV Hits awards show at Wembley Arena. They won the award for best live act! Well done to STEPS for winning that award, catch the show tomorrow on TV!
Unfortunally STEPS couldn’t hold on to the top spot this weekend with the current single Stomp. They where displaced from the top of the charts by the Spice Girls.

The hot new, and third, album from Steps, Buzz is released tomorrow, I hope you have your money ready! To get you even more in the mood for getting hold of a copy here is more on where you can get the album and get a little extra!

Derek has pointed out that at Woolworths the album will set you back £12.99 of your earned money and that you will receive a free poster book when you buy the album! If you find the album cheaper elsewhere point that out to Woolworths and they will match that price! The Woolworths chart for next week’s album chart shows that U2 are expected to enter at number one with STEPS entering at number two. It is going to be a difficult week next week but lets try and get STEPS to beat U2, especially after all their comments about popular music! Also at Woolworths both Step One and Steptacular are in their 2 CDs for £22 offer so if a STEPS fan by any chance doesn’t have any of the previous albums then this is a good opportunity to get hold of a copy for them or yourself!

In the past BBC’s reviews of Steps albums and singles haven’t been all that nice, but it seems they now understand that STEPS will be around for a while yet, this is what they had to say on the new album:

Steps – Buzz (Jive) – They’re cheesy in the extreme, but that doesn’t seem to bother them or their fans. As least they’re not pretending to be something they’re not, unlike certain other poppy bands … And that’s what they are, sing along, throwaway pop. They’ve established their own niche, and apart from the odd copycat act, they’re in a league of their own. And this, album number three, isn’t about to change anything. Stomp has already gone to number one and there are plenty more where that came from amongst the 15 tracks.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but this collection will please their loyal army of fans. Highlights include Better The Devil You Know (cover of the PWL Kylie ‘classic’) plus Paradise Lost, Wouldn’t Hurt So Bad and It’s The Way You Make Me Feel. That latter – set to be the next single – is one of the two tracks from the BSB/Britney hit factory – aka Cheiron Studios in Stockholm Sweden. The only major hicup is Lee’s rapping in Buzzz, which spoils an otherwise decent pop tune.

Thanks to Jake for pointing out that STEPS again appear on a compilation album in the US. The album is called Teen Party and includes tracks from *NSYNC and Britney Spears amongst others. The STEPS track which appears is Tragedy!

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