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Buzz writing credits and live video

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As if you didn’t know Buzz, the third album from STEPS is in the shops today! I got my copy today at my local HMV store and I am sad to say that more copies of the U2 album had been brought compaired to the STEPS album. So if you are waiting to get your album make sure you get a copy this week as it seems there will be a tough battle this week in the albums chart!
Also this totally slipped my mind with the excitement of the new album but the Live Video was also released today priced at £12.99. If you where at Wembley for the recording you might appear in the video, I don’t! When you watch it look out for the pop version of Lisa’s song Never Get Over You and Lee and Faye’s song (which she wrote entirely on her own!) which never made the new album. Also look out for the different sounding Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart. Its a great video which you can relive the best live show that STEPS have done to date!

Also remember that STEPS are at the TV Hits Awards which are shown tonight from 6pm on Sky One.

You may remember the list of producers for the new album. I am sure many of you want to know who wrote the tracks, well here is a list for those of you who haven’t got the album yet, or are unable to get a copy for whatever reason:
Better The Devil You Know Stock/Aitken/Waterman
Stomp Topham/Twigg/Campbell
Summer Of Love Topham/Twigg
It’s The Way You Make Me Feel J. Elofssen
You’ll Be Sorry Topham/Twigg
Learn To Love Again Ian “H” Watkins/Andrew Frampton
Never Get Over You Lisa Scott-Lee/Ray Hedges/Nigel Butler
Hand On Your Heart Claire Richards/Andrew Frampton
Happy Go Lucky A. Goldmark/B. Daymond/A. Greggs
Buzzz A. Goldmark/M. Mueller
Here & Now A. Carlsson/A. Thomson (Andreas Carlsson has worked with Britney Spears amongst others)
Paradise Lost Topham/Twigg
Turn Around Lee Latchford-Evens/Michael Garvin/Oskar Paul
Wouldn’t Hurt So Bad A Goldmark/M Mueller
If You Believe Faye Tozer/Cyndi Lauper/Jan Pulsford/Jasper (Polar Bear) Im

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