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Tour Setlist – 8th October 2001

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I recieved this today from a source who is said to be close to Steps, it is the setlist for the forthcoming tour. Obviously I can only take people’s words for what they say. According to this it will be a 23 song setlist with 2 new Songs for Steps (one being a cover) check it out for yourself and come to your own decision!
Chain Reaction
Summer Of Love
Better The Devil You Know
Words Are Not Enough
LISA SOLO – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
FAYE SOLO – R Dancing (new version)
Last Thing On My Mind / LGAHOMH Medley
It’s The Way You Make Me Feel
Here And Now
Better Best Forgotten / After The Love Has Gone Medley
Only In My Dreams
LEE SOLO – Give It Up
CLAIRE SOLO – One For Sorrow (Acoustic)
Deeper Shade Of Blue
H SOLO – Oxygen


Baby Don’t Dance
Greatest Hits Megamix

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