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The Sun: What next for Steps?

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This is from The Sun:

Our next Steps
The five chart idols from Steps are already lined up for solo careers following the announcement that the band has split.

And I can reveal that Lisa Scott-Lee hinted that her life was about to change dramatically on Thursday last week — six days BEFORE the shock news broke. Her slip came at the hairdressers.

Lisa, Lee Latchford Evans, Claire Richards, Faye Tozer and Ian “H” Watkins — had notched up 13 consecutive hits in their five-year career, including No1s Tragedy and Stomp. Now, after selling 12million records, they feel it is time to move on.

Friends of Britain’s biggest live act told The Sun yesterday they were sick of being branded NAFF. Pop pundits and bookies back the three girls to have successful solo careers — but not the boys. Here I tell you what the future holds for the five and the whispers that almost gave the game away. Pop fans also have their say.


LISA walked into a hairdressing salon on Thursday LAST WEEK and demanded: “Get rid of my Steps look.” The pretty singer, who is best known by fans for her hair streaked with blue was overheard telling the stylist at Antenna in Kensington, West London: “I don’t want to be Lisa from Steps any more. I just want to be me. I’m tired and I want a rest.” Lisa, who started a trend by dyeing her dark hair with the colourful stripes, told the hairdresser to restore her locks back to their more natural wavy style and brown colour. Our exclusive picture, above, shows the singer’s stunning new look with her fresh hairstyle and a far more natural and mature image.

Context added in March 2020:
At the time The Sun’s anecdote is supposed to have taken place, the band had not split. Lisa’s mum Jan later posted an angry rebuttal of this story, explaining that Lisa was in Wales with her family on Thursday 20 December 2001.

Lisa is one of the most popular members of the band and stands a good chance of launching a solo career. But she plans to concentrate on working behind the scenes in the music industry for a while. She is helping to launch a band called 3SL — Three Scott-Lees — made up of her brothers Steve, Andy and Anthony. Lisa has set them up in a flat in London and they already have a record deal with Epic.


TELLY bosses were last night scrambling to sign Lee, who is desperate to try his hand at acting.

BBC chiefs have told scriptwriters at Holby City to come up with a part for the hunk and ITV are keen to give him a role in Crossroads – he has already had a cameo role on the soap.

A TV insider said: “Lee could have what it takes to become an actor. He already has a fan base and he is keen to try acting full-time.

“Parts on Holby City and Crossroads would be a great launching pad for a new career.”


BUBBLY Claire is set to go into TV presenting — after taking a long holiday.

Her good looks and ease in front of the camera make her a firm favourite to be a children’s TV presenter.

She started out as the unofficial lead singer in the group but later was happy to share the limelight with her band-mates. Claire has also been writing her own songs.

But first she wants to have a long rest and spend loads of time with her boyfriend Mark Webb, a dancer.

The couple share a home in London.


H is keen to use his singing and dancing skills on stage and has set his heart on appearing in big musicals.

A former Butlins redcoat from Rhondda, South Wales, H was recently offered the lead in a new version of Godspell in London’s West End.

But record bosses ordered him to turn it down because it clashed with his Steps schedule.

He says: “I had dreamed of appearing in the West End and was really upset.”

Now it looks like H will finally be free to fulfil his dream.


FAYE has been secretly writing songs with her musician fiancé Jasper Irn.

Bookies Ladbrokes have already made the blonde babe favourite of the five to have a solo No1.

But first Faye has other plans. She is getting married in August and will be spending the next few months arranging the big day.

Danish-born Jasper is a drummer in the heavy rock outfit, One, and was constantly embarrassed about his girlfriend’s naff pop image.

Faye says: “I love playing the rock chick when I’m with him.”

How you took the news of the break-up

WE asked you to tell us how you felt about Steps splitting. Here are some of the hundreds of emails that poured in. Most pop fans were unhappy at the shock news – but not all.

THE timing of the announcement astounded me — thousands of children have had their Christmas ruined. My daughter hasn’t stopped crying since she heard. – G HOWARD

STEPS are one of the best bands around and they have worked hard to get where they are. I love them. Their music brought my husband and I together. He proposed to me to Say You’ll Be Mine. I think it’s a Tragedy. – LYNDSEY, Paisley, Scotland

STEPS were my life. – MATTHEW POLLEY, Luton

THE people responsible for the break-up of Steps should take a long look at themselves because what they have done is criminal. They have broken the hearts of millions of children. I hope the group will realise just how much they mean to so many children and change their decision. – ANDY FARRELL

STEPS splitting was a 101 per cent bad idea. They had tens of thousands of adoring fans and were going from strength to strength. I was stunned when I heard of the split, as the band had assured fans that their future was bright. I haven’t stopped crying since I heard the news. But good luck for the future Lisa, Lee, Faye, Claire and H. – LAURA HOWARD (11)

THEY are my favourite pop band and I am their No1 fan. Please Steps, do not split up. You are the best band in the whole world. – CHARLOTTE SANDERSON (12)

I AM gutted that Steps have split. They have brought so much joy into people’s lives. It is not only children who are upset, I am 30 and I enjoyed their music so much that the news ruined my Christmas. – NEAL WEALTON, Kent

STEPS have made the right decision. If you are over 11 the music makes you feel sick and the image they have is cringing. Good riddance. – MARK HOLDEN

STEPS are the naffest band in history and splitting up is the most sensible thing they have ever done. There is nothing worse than a bunch of people in their late 20s doing dance routines. – LOLA

In typical tabloid style they leave the bad comments to the end … you would hope they would have had no sense don’t you? Then again this is THE SUN we are talking about … what they don’t tell you are the two last comments are probably Hear’say fans or something… LOL sorry.

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