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Steps fans have criticised the group’s decision to quit.

Some have accused the band of “only being in it for the money.”

Other fans have launched a campaign at the official Steps website, trying to get the band to change their minds about splitting.

Steps announced their decision to call an end to their five year career as a group on Boxing Day.

The group members said they wanted to pursue solo careers.

Fans have left messages on the official website.

One, Heartbroken 4H, wrote: “They have lied to us for months and it really hurts because I thought they were all genuine, down to earth people who had respect for their fans and appreciated us as much as we appreciated them.”

Stepsfan70 urges fans to sign the message board in an attempt to get the band to perform a U-turn on their split, but adds: “Maybe my dad was right who has hated you since day one – you only did it for the money.”

Isanda said: “Couldn’t they just have been more up front about the tour and then the fans could have said goodbye properly?

“The tour could then have been a proper farewell to a band that have given so much pleasure. We do feel cheated.”

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Steps fans shared their grief as they told of the tears they had shed over the band’s split.

Hundreds of youngsters posted messages on the band’s website after hearing the quintet were calling it a day after five years.

But a number have also accused the band of a cynical ploy by waiting until people have stocked up on Steps albums and videos as presents before announcing the news.

One message says: “If they split up a few weeks ago they wouldn’t have sold as many CDs and merchandise over the Christmas period. By splitting up the day after Christmas they have made sure they have sold enough to make sure they never have to work in Tescos.”

And the writer tells fans: “Steps are evil for what they have done to you, get revenge and take all your Steps things back to the shops for a refund, and then you can laugh at them for selling you a lie as they work in Tescos.”

Some fans were upset that the band had consistently denied they would split but had secretly been planning to call it a day.

The band announced it was the end as they decided to pursue their own solo projects after selling more than 12 million records.

Many fans told how upset they were by the split.

One left a message on the site which said: “I started crying my eyes out, I got into a right mess because I was a massive fan …. I then got a shooting pain in my side, then a load of chest pains and also a really bad headache.”

Another said: “My mum keeps telling me to stop being so stupid because they’re just a band, but to me, they weren’t JUST band, they were an influence on my life and I loved ’em.”

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V careers could beckon for two members of Steps following the band’s split.

Lee wants to be an actor and Claire fancies a go at being a children’s television presenter.

Holby City and Crossroads scriptwriters are reported to be interested in Lee, according to The Sun.

The other member of Steps, who announced their split on boxing Day, also reported to have irons in the fire.

Lisa plans to spent time launching her brothers’ band 3SL – Three Scott-Lees.

The trio – Steve, Andy and Anthony – are already signed to the Epic record label.

H has long had an ambition to move into West End musicals.

And Faye will be busy preparing for her wedding to Jasper Irn in August.

And one more:

Claire is the most likely member of Steps to have a successful solo career, according to Ananova users.

She gained nearly twice as many votes as her nearest challenger in our poll.

Lee is rated a no-hoper, according to your votes.

Claire was the choice of 47% of Ananova users, with Faye coming in second on 24%.

Lisa won 14% of the vote, with H getting 12% and Lee just three per cent.

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