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Dotmusic: Angry fans say Steps ripped them off

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From Dotmusic:

Angered Steps fans are attacking the band for splitting just in time to benefit from massive Christmas sales.

Furious debate is raging on the Steps website where fans are accusing the band of deliberately timing the split to benefit from sales of albums, videos and merchandise.

“If they split up a few weeks ago they wouldn’t have sold as many CDs,” one message reads. “By splitting up the day after Christmas they made sure they sold enough never to have to work in Tescos.”

“Steps are evil… get revenge and take all your Steps things back to the shops for refund, then you can laugh at them for selling you a lie as they work in Tescos.”

In other Steps news, the bookmakers are offering odds on which member of the band will be the first to have a solo number one record: Faye is favourite at 6-4, Claire is at 2-1, Lisa at 3-1, H at 6-1 and Lee at 12-1.

The Sun newspaper claims that H plans to make his move to the stage, performing in musicals whilst Lee already has television chiefs keen to sign him up for an acting career.

The BBC is apparently interested in the star for Holby City whilst ITV want to sign him for Crossroads.

The paper tips Claire for television presenting, Faye for collaborations with her rocker boyfriend Jasper Irn and reports that Lisa Scott-Lee is working with Epic records to launch pop act 3L.

Short for Three Scott-Lees, the band consists of her brothers Andy, Anthony and Steve.

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