Steps in 2022

The battle for Christmas #1 is on!

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The battle for the UK #1 single at Christmas is on! With some interesting events… Steps’ CD is released on one CD format with the usual 3 tracks, enhanced section and poster. It by far looks like the most impressive single out this week.

Westlife has also only released one CD (unless my local HMV was hiding the other CD, which I won’t complain about). John Lennon also seemed to be out on only the one CD along with the hotly tipped Cuban Boys with that singing hamster! All costing £3.99.

It seemed to me that only S Club 7 and Southpark’s Mr. Hankey were out on two CDs, each costing £2.99. This battle seems closer that what it looked like last week. So, if you have not got Steps’ CD yet, get it from HMV, Virgin or Our Price as they count for single sales.

Also Steps are nominated for a Best Newcomer award in Israel!

Thanks to Troy for sending this in: Canadian Steps fans can watch a European Steps video on YTV’s Hit List Christmas special. It will air on 24 December (an hour and a half later than usual) and again on 25 December (regular time). Which video has not been announced yet, although it is rumoured to be Tragedy… so Canadian fans set your VCRs!

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