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Some international Steps nuggets

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Thanks to everyone who has sent in news, the more the better!

More news on Tragedy in the US. A New York radio station, which has been known to play Tragedy, has now added the song to its playlist! This can be viewed by going to and clicking on Playlist – it is near the bottom. Tragedy is also still getting good airplay on the US national station Radio Disney.

In Thailand, Say You’ll Be Mine / Better The Devil You Know seems to have a release date of 20 December, but this is unconfirmed. On TV, Steps will appear for an interview on Speakeasy this Sunday at 3pm. They will be broadcasting Steps’ last Wembley concert (or is this the Manchester on?) on 17 December and today at 8pm.

In Holland, Steps will be on TMF on 18 December at 17.00 GMT+1.00. They will be showing their favourite videos for an entire hour.

In the recent edition of Big! magazine, there is a lovely picture of Lisa and her boyfriend. The magazine says that they are very happy for the cute couple and GenSTEPS thinks the same. Good one Lisa and good luck in the future from GenSTEPS and its visitors!

In Canada, on YTV on 24 December they will be airing the Steps video Heartbeat. This is the second time they have aired Heartbeat, the first being on the Brit List special last April when they showed Heartbeat, Better Best Forgotten and 5, 6, 7, 8. Since then, Last Thing on my Mind and One For Sorrow (US Remix) have charted on their weekly chart which is determined by viewers’ votes.

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