Steps in 2022

More Christmas TV appearances

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Thanks to everyone who sent in news recently, keep those stories coming in to the usual address!

It seems that Steps might be getting more success slowly in the US! Tragedy has been played on KTU Radio in New York (one of the biggest Stations in NY). It was played at 7.10pm ET! Perhaps this is a sign of things to come and remember that Tragedy hasn’t officially been released to US radio yet!

These TV dates keep flying in, here are more TV shows featuring Steps.

Saturday 11 December: The National Lottery & Audience With Diana Ross (H is in the audience)
Saturday 18 December: Live & Kicking
Tuesday 21 December: GMTV and Planet Pop
Thursday 23 December: Pepsi Chart
Friday 24 December: Winton’s Wonderland
Saturday 25 December: SMTV & TOTP
Friday 31 December: TOTP2 (possibly… the show looks back at music in the 90s)

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