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Steps ‘together’ at Ice Age premiere-

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From The Sun:

IF you want to avoid meeting old enemies then DON’T all go to the cinema on the same day. But dozy STEPS did just that yesterday at the London premiere of animated flick The Ice Age. The five members of the group, which broke up last October, turned up within minutes of each other – then did their best to keep out of each other’s way. CLAIRE RICHARDS and H – blamed for killing off Steps – arrived first at 1.38pm and posed for snappers oblivious to the fact that LEE LATCHFORD-EVANS and girlfriend Vanessa were hot on their heels five minutes later. Next came FAYE TOZER at 1.58pm followed at 2.10pm by LISA SCOTT-LEE and her three brothers.
An onlooker said: “It was cringe-making stuff. They asked to be seated as far from each other as possible. They were furious at their aides for not warning them.”

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