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Faye shoots music video with Russell Watson

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Thanks to a few people from Manchester for sending in this article in the Manchester Evening News:

Opera singer Russell Watson has recorded a song with former Steps star Faye Tozer.
The unlikely duo got together in an industrial unit in Stockport this week to make the video. It’s a new recording of Someone Like You, which Russell sang on his first album The Voice. Russell, who lives in Salford, said: ‘‘We met at the Children’s BBC Proms in the Park last year and we met up recently after Steps broke up and decided we wanted to give this song a blast. ‘‘I originally sang it with Cleopatra on my first album, although we have made it more of a pop song. ‘‘It’s a great opportunity for both me and Faye – she is just starting off on her own and I want to branch out into different styles.’’ For Faye, the video – which is based on the story of two lovers torn apart – is child’s play compared to the 20-hour days of a Steps filming session. Faye said: ‘‘It’s great to be here in Manchester working with Russell, and a lot calmer to the shoots that I am used to with millions of make-up artists dashing around. ‘‘This single is a great way to take a side step from my pop career and try something different. I’m having a great time – Russell is a really funny guy.’’ Manchester TV company Equinox made the video, which was directed by Midge Ure, once of Ultravox.

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