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Claire & H heading to Sweden to meet Steps writer

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The Official Claire & H Site ( has been updated with the following:

It is now confirmed that H and Claire will be jetting off to Sweden next week to songwrite with Jorgen Elofsson. Jorgen wrote one of Steps’ biggest hits – It’s The Way You Make Me Feel – and has written many songs for a large number of big name celebrities including Sometimes for Britney Spears, Fool Again and If I Let You Go for Westlife.

Jorgen Elofsson also has penned: Britney Spears – When I Found You (Album: Britney) He also was a co-writer on (in my opinion) one of the best pop songs Britney has ever done – What U See (Is What U Get) from the album Oops! I Did It Again. He also penned Girl In The Mirror on Britney’s Oops! album.

Just personally I would like so see them hook with with Elofsson along with Andreas Carlsson (Here & Now), which would really guarantee some sort of huge pop song – and I think that Max Martin has finished his work with the BSB’s new album (unconfirmed that though – I can’t seem to dig up any information on that) – just the one song is all I ask!

Anyway more updates from the site:

H and Claire’s record deal will be signed next Monday when they will also announce the record company they have signed with. Things are certainly hotting up for the duo! If they sign with Jive, I think that I won’t be the only one who will be annoyed, if they join Sony I’ll still be annoyed.

Also posted:

Plans are already well underway for the duo’s first single. Their video is to be shot in Miami towards the end of the month so that they will have DJ ready for your TV screens in time for Easter!

Thanks to “sim0” for sending in this snippet from The Sun:

Faye is set to release her first single (of sorts) with Russell Watson (that opera singer) on Monday 8 May.

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