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Steps to re-record When I Said Goodbye

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Steps are due back at the PWL Studios sometime during the week starting 10 April to re-record When I Said Goodbye for their next single. The new recording with feature a full orchestra in the background, increasing the song’s quality. It will be included in a double-A side release. Whether the second song will be Never Say Never Again is unknown, but I do get a lot of e-mails asking if this song will be released so it seems a popular choice to me.

Also it seems that Steps are increasing their writing skills for their next album. H has penned a song with Take That maestro Gary Barlow and songs by other artists are also rumoured. Steps have also been talking about having more input on the third album by writing more.

The Woolworths prediction for next week’s sales are as follows:

1 Richard Ashcroft – A Song For The Lovers (1CD £3.99)
2 Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers (1CD £2.99)
3 Craig David – Fill Me In (2CDs 1 enhanced, 1 remixes £2.99)
4 Mel C – Never Be The Same Again(2Cds £3.99)
5 Steps – Deeper Shade Of Blue (1CD £2.99)
6 Westlife – Fool Again (1CD £3.99)
7 Destinys Child – Say My Name (2CDs £3.99)
8 Moloko – The Time Is Now (1CD £3.99)
9 Santana – Smooth (1CD £3.99)
10 Lock n’ Load (CD £3.99)
11 Basement Jaxx – Bingo Bango (1CD £2.99)
12 Geri Halliwell – Bag It Up (2CD £3.99)

I knew Richard Ashcroft was going to be difficult to beat, but it seems the two garage tracks will also chart highly as garage becomes a commercial success in the UK. Well its up to YOU to prove them wrong, go buy your CDs from the stores that count (HMV, Virgin, Tower Records) and get Steps their well-deserved #1 single. Even Sky News predicts Steps to enter at #1 next Sunday. Their destiny is now in your hands!

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