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H writing songs with Gary Barlow

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This article is taken from The Sun, which tells more about H and Gary Barlow songwriting together and H’s girlfriend…

Gary Barlow is carving out a new career as he waits for his record company to dump him. The former Take That star is becoming a production guru, recruiting other pop stars to visit the studio he built at his Cheshire mansion. First to make use of Gary’s expertise is Steps star H – real name Ian Watkins. H went up to Gary’s mansion a week ago and spent time with him working on his first, as yet untitled solo single. H said: “Gary’s such a lovely guy and the song is brilliant.”

Also in the news H’s girlfriend, Sarah, is carving out a new pop career. It seems the 19-year-old from Merseyside is keen to make it in the pop world and has been taking a lot off tips from H and the rest of the band.

From Yahoo News:

Steps star Lisa Lee-Scott (lol) is going back to her roots to set up a stage school with bandmate Ian “H” Watkins, in their native Wales. The singer has already bought a house near to where she grew up in Abergele and now she is keen on helping other talented Welsh people achieve their dreams. She said: “H and I have talked about doing something like this from the beginning because we had to move to London to do anything. There’s nothing in Wales for kids.”

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