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More open air dates announced

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Wow it’s 1 April already, time does seem to fly in Steps world.

Recently we saw three open-air dates announced, they are:

29 July – Quex Park, Kent
19 August – Lydiard Country Park, Swindon, Wiltshire
26 August – Highlands Park, Chelmsford

Again, if you are off to the Kent one and can probably get me a ticket please e-mail me!

Deeper Shade Of Blue is out on Monday, so get your money at the ready and buy it. It seems a very strong chance of getting the #1 spot and perhaps holding it for a couple of weeks, we’ll see what happens there.

Now onto my usual winge about the tour :o) After the performance of Deeper Shade Of Blue live on Blue Peter I hope this is what we can all expect from the new tour. Again I don’t expect the whole thing to be live but a lot more will be a welcome improvement, especially if they still don’t have the live band.

April sees an important month for STEPS as they get ready for their forthcoming Arena tour, if you’re off to the Wembley concert next month on the 26th, I’ll see you there!

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