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Steps tipped for Christmas number one

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This time last year, Steps were looked upon as a cheesy group with a gimmick, and the idea of them getting the Christmas number one was totally out of the question. Now they are the most-happening band in pop, and unlike the Spice Girls are aimed at everyone not just one market. They don’t pretend to be something they’re not and that’s why they are the coolest thing around.

And since the announcement that their Christmas single is a double-A side with Kylie Minogue’s Better The Devil You Know, the betting shops are going mad over Steps. Other singles in the running are S Club 7 (Steps will beat them no probs!), a new BBC One collaboration “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll” featuring the Spice Girls who are also tipped for the top spot despite rumours going around that they are too busy to release a single at that time of year. Well it’s not a strong line-up so could it be that Steps will get the most important number one of the whole millennium? We will have to wait and see… and buy their single when it comes out!

Out today is the first in a long line of Steps merchandise featuring t-shirts, pillow cases and of course the official book. The official Steps calendar for 2000 is out now at the very reasonable price of £4.99. It’s available from anywhere that sells calendars and comes packed full of cool pictures, with some you will recognise and some completely new pictures. It even comes with their birthdays written in, so that you know when to send them cards (if they would release an address for you to send fan mail to!). It’s well worth buying especially if you’re a fan, which you are otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!

Also out today is a magazine called TV Stars Present Steps which is your usual run of the mill unofficial magazine, which is exactly the same as all the other terrible attempts apart from two things. A cool interview with the fab five and interesting facts taken straight from this webpage! And hey we didn’t even give them permission! Oh well 🙂 It costs £2.50 and is available in all newsagents.

The programme Andi Meets Steps is to repeated next Sunday on Channel 4 at 1.15pm so don’t miss it! Also Planet Pop is supposed to be doing a day in the life of Steps programme on the same day but this may simply be the repeat of Andi Meets Steps. More info as we get it.

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