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Steps on BBC One and ITV1 at the same time!

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It’s one of those regular things that happens every time Steps release a new single – they appear on both SMT:tv Live and Live & Kicking at the same time. Although this time both shows didn’t have them on “live” at the same time as on the special Easter editions of each show earlier this year, where they presented one show and sang on another at the same time.

On Electric Circus on today’s Live & Kicking there was a short film from behind the scenes of the After The Love Has Gone video. This was extremely fun and informative so make sure you don’t miss the repeat. I hope you all entered the competition to win the US tour Steps banner! If you win let us know, a very cool prize indeed.

That may have been funny but not as funny as SM:tv Live as the group seemed to take over the show! They were in nearly every scene and sketch which of course is a very good thing as the group have to be the funniest group since Geri in the Spice Girls. They opened the show performing Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart in their yellow outfits, when half way through Ant and Dec kidnapped H and Lee with giant fishing nets and took their place. Obviously the girls were so caught up in their singing that they didn’t notice and it took Cat to point it out.

Claire, Lisa and Faye were not pleased to find out that H and Lee were unconscious backstage. Please note that this was a gag so no hate mail to the two comedians please!

Then Faye was picked to play Splatoon. The next scene was when Dec read out his poetry about Sabrina the teenage witch. This sketch was hilarious as each member came out dressed in various outfits with H as a cowboy, Lee as Father Christmas, Faye as a member of Star Trek, while Claire played Sabrina in a quite frankly scary wig. I’ll take this moment to point out Claire’s hair was looking fantastic on the show, not too long, not too short. Best of all though was Lisa in her extremely hot “alright maaan” hippy outfit.

Then later in the show we could watch H’s video diary of the group on tour in America. Again this was funny watching what they got up to.

Finally they took part in a mini contest against Westlife to see who could drink pop drinks the fastest. Of course Steps won, but it was declared a tie as both groups cheated. All in all I’ve never laughed so much for so long, if you missed this just hope someone you know taped it for you! Oh did I mention they also performed After The Love Has Gone?

Don’t miss Live & Kicking next week as the group will be on there performing the new single After The Love Has Gone and being interviewed. Thanks to Neil for this info.

And don’t miss Diggit on ITV1 next Saturday as Steps will be on there too! How this will work I don’t know but I will gladly find out!

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