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Behind the scenes with Steps in Orlando

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Well it’s finally here. The month we have all been waiting for. Steptober! And it starts with a behind the scenes look at Steps on tour, as Claire’s birthday was shown on This Morning, this morning! And would you believe that they actually showed the group shopping in the very same shopping mall that I went into when I was on holiday in Orlando? Right down to the exact same record store that I went into, where H found their single One For Sorrow.

On top of that, they revealed that the video for After The Love Has Gone was shot at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. And I was there within days of them! It was a very cool mini programme with Lee showing us the tour bus and even Lisa shopping for underwear! No new info was revealed but it was funny watching the gang get up to all sorts of tricks. Best of all though was when Claire got her birthday present of a giant Elmo, very cute.

Don’t miss the latest issue of OK Magazine as there is a really cool pic of Steps holding their Best Band 1999 award.

Hopefully by now everyone has managed to get their hands on tickets to the record-breaking 33-concert tour starting on 20 October. Remember to send in your reviews for the concerts once you have seen them!

The new single is out in just over a week, it is almost guaranteed to hit the number one spot so let’s just hope the pricing stays reasonable. We don’t want a repeat performance of the over-priced Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart at £3.99 on day of release.

But even more exciting still is the release of the brand new album Steptacular. Just the thought of an entire album of new Steps material is enough to send anyone into a dance frenzy. And if that isn’t enough for you there is also the official book to buy. I hope you’ve been saving your pennies. Thanks to everyone that visited Generation STEPS in the past month.

This month is going to be jam-packed with information, news and of course new releases. We will be keeping you up to date with everything daily. Be sure to check back for all the info you can possibly want on your fave group and to keep track of all those TV, magazine and radio appearances! We hope you enjoy the site and find it informative.

– Jack, editor

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