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Steps delay release of new single

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Steps are pre-recording their performance of Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart for Top Of The Pops on Thursday 1 July. The group will be arriving throughout the day. Sadly all tickets to the show are gone but there is still a chance for you lot to get your dose of Steps: after their performance at TOTP they will be taken to the BBC online centre to chat to Steps fans all over the world. Or alternatively get over to the TOTP website and submit a question now to be answered by the group tomorrow.

It was confirmed yesterday that the release of Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart is now to be released one week later than planned, on 12 July. It was also confirmed that a decision was reached not to release the single as a double-A side with Hero, which incidentally isn’t called Hero at all! It is a B-side called To Be Your Hero. If you are upset about the delay, don’t be because there is good news.

Like Better Best Forgotten, the new CD single will include the new video. Not only that, but within the enhanced section you will also be able to see behind the scenes video clips and pictures. Plus there is a brand new remix of Last Thing On My Mind. If you hadn’t already guessed, this rather tasty little package will come on two CDs!

Steps are on the front cover of the latest issue of Smash Hits magazine. As usual the magazine comes out tops for Steps coverage compared to other mags. With a three-page interview with the group discussing the issue of Boys vs. Girls. There are a whole load of articles about the group including one about hair extensions! Be sure to vote for H for the next issue as only two posters will be printed and it is the readers’ choice to vote for who they want.

Best of all though for all H fans you get a free keyring on the front cover: choose from H, B-Rok, Stephen from Boyzone, or Scott from 5ive. Be quick though as apparently there are far fewer H keyrings due to a mishap at the manufacturing plant. I will look in the shops tomorrow to see how rare H is! The mag is out today at the tiny price of £1.25.

There is one problem though, and it’s not a little one. In their reviews section they gave Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart only 3/5 , saying it just isn’t up to scratch with their other records. Well they can’t have listened to it very well as it surpasses all other Steps songs with ease! Another magazine out at the moment all about Steps is Massive Presents Steps, which is a colossal fold-out poster magazine with huge posters of each member of the group. It is also jam packed full of Steps games and facts. Better than the past Steps poster mags, but it is still dated including details of only their first three hit songs. But I can’t really complain as it does have huge pics of Steps and costs a mere 99p. A bargain, so get down to WH Smith or John Menzies to get it.

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