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Double-A side for Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart?

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It has been confirmed today that Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart is in fact going to be the first song off a double A-Side with the song “Hero”.

Whether this is such a good idea or not I don’t know. But it is clear to see why it has been done. One main area where Steps are criticised is that the lads don’t do much singing. Hero is sung only by Lee and H and could help to put a stop to such talk. One good thing will come of this though, another Steps music video! Anyone hoping to see Lee in a superman costume may get their wish as that name comes up in the song quite a lot. Let’s just hope Steps go for the fun route and get Lee in spandex. Oh and H could be…

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Context added in March 2020:
While the song To Be Your Hero did appear as a b-side on the Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart CD single, it was not promoted as a double-A side.

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