Steps in 2022

Did you spot Steps on TOTP?

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Did you see Steps? Right before the number one single! Who could miss those bright yellow tops? Steps were in the crowd on Friday’s TOTP, since they were in the studios while that edition of TOTP was being filmed. Their performance will be shown once the single has been released.

Yesterday I went along to the London Mardi Gras, it had to be the most fantastic day out ever! All the stars played along to the crowd a lot more especially the Tamperer. She left a great impression on me and was a real highlight.

I’m feeling particularly happy as I got two of my questions submitted to Steps on the online chat on the TOTP website. Steps revealed that an official Steps website will be up soon, and they also mentioned the new book. They also confirmed that the debut single in America will be One For Sorrow. Also on Saturday they will be announcing six more concert dates (I’ve already got them but I’m not allowed to reveal them yet – sorry). So be sure to check back.

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