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Steps appeal for information about missing Sarah Payne

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If you have seen the news over the past few days you will know about the missing eight-year-old Sarah Payne. This was taken from ITV Teletext on the local news pages:

“Pop group Steps – the favourite band of missing Surrey eight-year-old Sarah Payne – have urged people to help the police in trying to find her. The five members took time out from recording their new album to wish Sarah well, saying ‘The whole nation is thinking about you’. Sarah was at her grandparents’ home near Worthing when she went missing.”

Here’s more on the above story from BBC News:

“The pop group Steps have recorded a message for missing eight-year-old Sarah Payne in the hope that it may lift her spirits if she hears it. All five members contributed to the message which sends Sarah – a huge Steps fan – their love and appeals for anyone with information to come forward. The message, recorded at a hotel in Manchester where the band are touring, will be played on the television and radio in the hope that Sarah may be watching or listening. Group member Claire Richards said: “If anyone out there knows anything or has seen anything, no matter how small, please contact the police.” Lisa Scott-Lee said: “You can call Sussex police on 0845 6070999.” Lee Latchford-Evans added his support saying: “Sarah everybody wants you to come home safe and well.” And Faye Tozer said: “Wherever you are we’re all thinking of you and look forward to seeing you.”

H has been speaking about the new Official Book:

“A new batch of shocking Steps secrets will be revealed from October in the all-new Steps In Private: The Official Book. Last year, fans got their first look at Faye, Lee, Lisa, H and Lee with the release of Steps: The Official Book, which sold more than 40,000 copies. Now Britain’s biggest pop group is back with a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road with Steps, as written by worldpop’s very own Jordan Paramor and featuring 100 brand new photos. There are secrets aplenty in the hardcover title, including H’s tendency to barge into the girls’ dressing room at the worst possible moment! ‘It’s always when we’re in the middle of getting undressed!’ Lisa says. ‘The boys are supposed to be banned so that we can be all girlie, but he practically lives in our room.’ The girls share one changing room and the lads another, but Lee groans, ‘I swear, he spends more time in the girls’ dressing room than he does in ours, I’m starting to get a complex!’ Start saving those pennies now cos Steps In Private: The Official Book hits the stores on 5 October.” (Source:

It has been reported on digital-only channel BBC Choice on their Liquid News programme that Steps were refusing to sign autographs for children at Party In The Park. That was followed by an interview with Claire, H and Lisa, recorded backstage at PITP, about their popularity and hairstyles! Of which Steps only did an interview to MTV! Thanks to Mark for sending that in!

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