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Woolworths ran out of Steps CDs?

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Thanks to Derek, who works at Woolworths for sending this in! It seems that if you went out to buy the new single towards the end of last week you might not have been able to get hold of a copy. Derek tells us that at Woolworths, Steps totally out-sold what they predicted so therefore by Saturday there were none left to buy! If similar stores across the UK followed that pattern then as it was so close at the top these few copies that Steps didn’t sell would have made them drop down to number five as they did. It seems this week’s chart position will be interesting.

Also it seems that Jive Records has closed the lid on Steptacular, because on Now 46 Steps have two tracks – one on CD1 and the other on CD2. On CD1 is When I Said Goodbye and on CD2’s last track is Deeper Shade Of Blue. NOW 46 is released on 24 July.

On an Dotmusic web poll, H got a massive 42%… but what for? The poll was to find the next partner of Oasis’ Liam Gallaghers’ ex Patsy Kensit! Out of the 1,000 who voted H got a staggering 42% of the vote!

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