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Fury over ‘miming’ at Party In The Park

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Following yesterdays comment from Queen’s Roger Taylor about the lack of “live singing” at Party In The Park, held a poll, this is what was posted on their site:

In a resounding result for music fans 91% of worldpop users voted that all acts performing on stage should be forced to sing live every time. The huge majority of voters declared in the fierce worldpop debate that artists should not be allowed to mime songs especially at concerts advertised as ‘live’ events.

This strong message from music consumers comes days after the Party In The Park outdoor festival on Sunday 9 July at which, according to insiders, only a few acts performed live vocals. Artists criticised for apparent miming were Victoria Beckham with Dane Bowers, Honeyz, All Saints, Steps and Alice Deejay. Queen’s Roger Taylor, whose band supported Five live on two tracks, launched a scathing attack. ‘It makes me angry,’ he raged. ‘I cannot understand how they allow so many acts to mime. That’s not what music is about.’

Melanie C agreed with Roger’s stance on the ‘to mime or not to mime’ argument and added, ‘When you go to see bands you don’t got to see them mime.’ She failed to comment any further on band mate Victoria Beckham’s debut. Concert goers were divided over Victoria’s first public solo performance, some complaining about her apparent lack of live vocals, others saying that, live or not, her showcase of the new Truesteppers single Out Of Your Mind was dazzling. Her mother-in-law had the last word when she described Victoria’s set as ‘Ooh, well it was different wasn’t it.’ ” (Source:

Steps are also on this week’s TOTP, Friday BBC1 at 7.30pm. As of yet I have no idea which song it will be as they’ve not updated their text yet.

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