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Summer Of Love charts at #5

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Remember there are Party In The Park 2000 highlights on Channel 4 at 5.30pm this afternoon, they might show the Tragedy performance that they cut off yesterday so it might be worth watching. More on Party In The Park: there is a Dotmusic special which has some pictures of Steps along with reviews of the event!

Steps only did one interview at Party In The Park, with MTV. That will appear on our screens shortly, probably on Daily Edition.

For those people who receive MTV Europe, there is a Making The Video – Steps on at 9.00pm on Wednesday 12 July. Thanks for Jo for sending that in!

Also from Dotmusic is this commentary from their chart pages:

“The winning formula is still just that as Steps extend their reign of terror, er I mean, run of success ever further with yet another Top 10 single, continuing a run that stretches back to the release of Last Thing On My Mind back in May 1998. Once again the single is a double a-side, covering as many bases as possible, the ballad of When I Said Goodbye sitting alongside the intense Eurodisco beat of Summer Of Love, both tracks sounding like every Abba single you ever loved without ever being directly derivative of any one of them, which is a neat trick if you can pull it off.”

As you all probably know by now When I Said Goodbye / Summer Of Love entered the UK charts at number five this week. I’m sure everyone has a reason why this is so, and that some people might be pointing the blame at someone, but this is Steps’ ninth UK Top 10 hit and follows the trend of their last few singles so there is consistency there at least! The Corrs’ number one single sold 81,000 copies last week.

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