Steps in 2022

September editorial

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I don’t exactly have a big editorial for you today, but I’m sure Matt will make a nice one for you lot once he comes back anytime now from vacation! But as Steps are wrapping up their album probably right now, I’m sure we will be able to hear a lot more about the upcoming album in this month! Also, the announcement of their next single off the new album should be very soon! All this and a lot more so stay tuned into GenSTEPS for more!

For those in Britain with Sky Digital where you can get Core Radio (channel 922) you can listen to Steps by voting online. Just go to where you can vote for your song for free and be told what time it’s on! It is radio though so it doesn’t have the video!

You can also do this on but this may cost you about 60p and they don’t tell you what time the song will be played! So you’ll have a long wait! It’s a bit like the MTV channels!! (thank you StepsMasterChep for the info!)

Speaking of the Box, be sure to submit your final vote over at – let’s try make Steps beat Daphne and Celeste!

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