Steps in 2022


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Thanks to everyone who has sent this into GenSTEPS, this is basically what happened: On MTV US’ TRL (Total Request Live, a bit like MTV Select here in the UK). Lance Bass from *NSYNC was on talking. Carson Daly, the host of TRL asked; ” What did you do after the show yesterday?” (This is because Lance was on yesterday also, as he is doing a contest) and Lance replies “Well I had some friends in from England… have you heard of STEPS?” To which Carson replies with a no. Lance continued “… well they are huge over in England, and I went out to dinner with them.” Carson replies with a remark like oh cool. So finally STEPS get a mention on MTV US, and it was by a member of what probably is the biggest boy band in the US at this present time! Hopefully this will generate some interesting in the *NSYNC fan base in the US wondering who STEPS are and with a new album out in the US in 2001 this could be the start of better things to come in the US for both STEPS and their US fans. In Thursday’s edition of The Sun there was an article saying that Claire Richards from steps will appear in Never Mind the Buzzcocks this coming Autumn. She says ‘I’m worried that Mark Lamaar will do the same as what he did to Faye’ Thanks to [email protected] for sending that in!

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