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This was in one of the Tabloid newspapers on Wednesday. I can’t remember which and I don’t have the full article as I’ve only seen it in passing myself. From what I can make of the little that I know J from 5ive was asked what his idea of Hell was, he replied by saying “A Steps Concert”. I don’t know how other people think about 5ive, but it seems to me that 5ive say a lot of things and then when they are questioned about it at a later time they change their story or say it was out of context or something. Its all rather strange as both STEPS and 5ive have shared a lot of common grounds. For example both where on the Kings Of Routes tour at Hyde Park and Cardiff Castle, also both are appearing at Butlins at Minehead and both are on a Winter Tour this November and December. So it seems rather strange to me at least. I know last week I said that I had read that The Box should be on the new colour system this week. I have read today that EMap, the people who run and own The Box have said that the new look box should be broadcasting by Mid-August now. We’ll just have to wait and see! Just in case you missed it, this was this weeks STEPS To The Stars Competition Question, STEPS asked: Who originally sang the song “Thank You” was it: a) Madonna b) Gloria Estefan c) Alanis Morissette If you know the answer ring 09001 33 99 00, calls cost 30p so ask for the bill payers permission first, Lines close Saturday. Claire Richards from Steps has revealed her recent toilet mishap during a video chat with worldpop! The singer has been indulging in a spot of DIY in her new home, which has left her, and us, very much under the impression that she should stick to singing, dancing and songwriting. ‘The other day I had a great idea about the toilet seat in my bathroom. I bought some paint and did the crackle glaze effect, and it went totally wrong. I had to throw it away.’ The hapless Claire then forgot to buy a new seat on her frantic visit to a high street DIY store and now has to perch while she pees. While Claire admits to having a ‘brain like a sieve’, worldpop thinks it might be her new pink hair that’s causing her brain to malfunction. ‘I decided to go for a change because my hair’s always been blonde and the same, so I thought I’d do something outrageous.’ Watch Claire spill the beans about her image change and DIY disasters here on worldpop. (Source: Lisa from Steps, Cher, Celine Dion and Cliff Richard are individually abused and/or murdered in a shocking new track called Dreaming Of Injured Pop Stars, from an album entitled Panic Attack At Sainsbury’s. And you can judge the contents for yourself bv listening to the track here on worldpop. Chris T-T, who ‘has a degree in pop music’, includes the track on his second album and comments, ‘Just because I’m a floppy indie musician, it doesn’t mean I can’t do lyrics like Eminem.’ Whether Eminem has ever contemplated the line, ‘Jean Michel Jarre is tired upside down/If he pissed himself he’ll probably drown’ is unknown. Other sick lyrics include: ‘Lisa from Steps, she’s the one with the dark hair/Curled up in a ball at the bottom of the stairs/With the blood congealing all down her sleeve/I think she’s severed an artery’ … and … ‘All around Wales the bands are on fire/As the flames lick higher they run from their homes/It only took one match to burn down Kelly Jones’ … oh, and … ‘Cliff Richard is nailed to a cross/With Lou Reed’s head stuck up his arse’ The targets of Chris T-T’s twisted verbal abuse – who also include legendary old man, Bob Dylan, and Gloria Estefan – have yet to hit back at the album, which is released via Snowstorm on 21 August. (Source:

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