Steps in 2022

H Gives Detail on next Album, Cover shot, and Much More!

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H has recently filled in to Worldpop that the group will be stepping up to a more ‘sophistacated high-tech’ image nowadays. As yesterday the group had their album cover photo shoot, and H phoned in Worldpop telling them of how it’ll be more grown up than Step One and Steptacular. ‘The look is slicker and a bit cooler for this album. We’ve got a great stylist, and the pictures are being done by a brilliant photographer called RIP.’ As usual all five members of the band will have their own page on the sleeve notes, with each member being shown in a different environment. ‘The pictures inside are going to be computer generated so it’s going to be very hi-tech. I think it’s going to look amazing,’ H says. Also it seems that as of yesterday, 10 PM or 22:00, Steps decided they’re first single off the new album! H also mentioned of how the group’s getting ready for the release of their Third Album which is due out in November. Now that could be a problem. As Matt said before, the Spice Girls have set and for sure are releasing their third long waited album, Forever, on Nov. 6. It is also confirmed that Fat Boy Slim is releasing their album on the exact same day too. If Steps want to try make a number one album they better not set the date for Nov. 6. Also be aware Westlife will be releasing their album in late November or so, so Steps better be smart when it comes to when they release the Third Album!

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