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Worldpop has this to report: Steps have released an official statement denying tabloid rumours that they plan to split up later in the year. The statement follows, in full, below: While they were not intending to comment on the inaccurate reports of a band split in a Sunday newspaper, Steps have been so upset by the continuing tabloid speculation that they feel it is important to clarify one or two points as many of their fans have been distressed by these rumours. Steps have absolutely no plans to split. Faye, Lisa, Lee, Claire and H are 100% behind Steps and are currently busy with international promotion. British fans should be assured that they will be releasing a new single in May. They will be spending part of the summer in the studio working on new songs. Some of these may end up as future singles while others may turn up on the fourth Steps album. They are also planning a tour for the end of the year. As a group, they have big plans for their long-term future. Hopefully this has cleared it up for many of you out there. The best remedy for this is to make Here & Now / You’ll Be Sorry a number one single when it is released in May! Thanks to “buzzsteps” for this article from the latest edition of Star magazine: Steps beauty Claire Richards enjoys nothing more than squeezing ingrowing hairs on her legs!, Claire confessed her icky secret to girls@play pal Shelley, who supported Steps on their recent tour. “Claire and I have something in common,” revealed Shelley. “We were both preening ourselves on a rare day off and we ended up tweezing the ingrowing hairs out of our legs-it’s the most fun in the world.”

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