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More news on the non-split. This time from the Official Site & Dotmusic: The report below is from Dotmusic: It’s official. Lisa, H, Lee and Faye have posted a message on their official site strongly denying that Steps are about to split. The message – signed by all the members – reads: “We know a lot of you either read an item about us in the Sunday papers or have heard about it. So, for the last time – we are NOT splitting up!” Lisa made a separate point on the site’s messages board: “Even though the piece in the paper was very complimentary, I can confirm that: Steps are not splitting up! “I can also tell you that we are currently planning lots more singles, albums and tours for the future, which we’re really excited about! “…don’t believe everything you read – we’re NOT going anywhere!!!” Split rumours have been circulating for a number of months and the latest batch of reports suggested that one final tour and a greatest hits album would be swiftly followed by the disbanding of Steps. It’s that time of the year again, FHM are hosting their Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2001. You know you want to vote for the STEPS girls don’t you? So point your browser to : and get voting now!

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