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STEPS Plan “Something fairly large” at end of 2001

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As the rumours intensify NME have posted this article: A spokesman for STEPS is this morning (Monday March 5) unable to confirm – or deny – rumours that the multi-platinum pop act are on the verge of splitting, but tells NME.COM the band have “something fairly large” planned for the end of 2001. With regards to a story in yesterday’s (March 4) News Of The World, the band’s spokesman tells NME.COM: “We believe the story to be inaccurate, we certainly don’t have any proof that it is true. The plan is to release a new single in May.” The band’s next single, ‘Here And Now’/’You’ll Be Sorry’, will be followed by a stint in the recording studio. “The plans are hazy but there’s a tour planned for the autumn,” the spokesman continues. “They’ll also be in Italy, Japan and America, and there’s something fairly large at the end of the year which may or may not be a greatest hits album.” On the subject of the band’s longevity, he continues: “You can’t have Steps going until they’re 80, mainly because they wouldn’t be able to do the dance routines. Anyway, it’s probably better for a band to burn out than fade away like the Spice Girls have done, or to end in acrimony like All Saints did. Whenever they split up will be a sad day, but it may be some time in the future.” Channel 4’s Truth or Tat has this response: Truth: So are STEPS splitting up? “Not at this moment,” says Mr STEPS Spokey. “They’re all happy. A greatest hits is being planned and they’re thinking about a Christmas tour then holidays. After that, who knows …. “

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