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Thanks to Dave for telling us that the Sleaze Sisters Remix of the new single It’s The Way You Make Me Feel is being played in the Limelight club in London, Dave has described it as sounding like their remix of Deeper Shade Of Blue but better!
Here are STEPS positions in the NMEPop’s end of year poll:

Album Of The Year
1. ‘Invincible’ – Five
2. ‘Buzz’ – Steps
3. ‘Black & Blue’ – Backstreet Boys
4. ‘Music’ – Madonna
5. ‘No Strings Attached’ – *N Sync
Single Of The Year
1. ‘We Will Rock You’ – Five
2. ‘Stomp’ – Steps
3. ‘Shape Of My Heart’ – Backstreet Boys
4. ‘Music’ – Madonna
5. ‘Rock DJ’ – Robbie Williams

Video Of The Year
1. ‘Deeper Shade Of Blue’ – Steps
2. ‘We Will Rock You’ – Five
3. ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ – *N Sync
4. ‘Take On Me’ – a1
5. ‘Shape Of My Heart’ – Backstreet Boys

Rumour Of The Year
1. “Faye’s leaving Steps”
2. “Britney and Justin are going out”
3. “Boyzone are splitting”
4. “Billie and Ritchie are on/off”
5. “Melanie C is gay”

Best Hair Of The Year
1. Justin *N Sync
2. Scott Five
3. Faye Steps
4. Britney Spears
5. Nicky Westlife

Dancers Of The Year
1. Five
2. Steps
3. Britney
4. Backstreet Boys
5. Madonna
Fanciable Boy Of The Year
1. Robbie Williams
2. Abs
3. J
4. Justin Timberlake
5. H

Coolest Person Of The Year
1. Robbie Williams
2. H Steps
3. J Five
4. Madonna
5. Britney Spears

Tour Of The Year
1. Steps
2. Five
3. Britney Spears
4. a1
5. Robbie Williams

Fanciable Girl Of The Year
1. Britney Spears
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Madonna
4. Lisa Steps
5. Rachel S Club

Record Sleeve Of The Year
1. ‘Music’ – Madonna
2. ‘Invincible’ – Five
3. ‘Buzz’ – Steps
4. ‘Sing When You’re Winning’ – Robbie Williams
5. ‘Light Years’ – Kylie Minogue

This is from Worldpop:

Speaking to worldpop during their spectacular arena shows Steps revealed that they would love to prove the strength of their singing voices by putting on a low-key gig omitting their usual energetic dance routines.

‘I’d love us to do an acoustic set or an unplugged set just to show that we can,’ confessed H after a discussion about the recent Madonna and U2 gigs. ‘We don’t usually get much of a chance to show off our voices,’ he continued, ‘because our dance routines are so frantic and so hi energy’

Bandmate Faye Tozer backed up his comments explaining that they wouldn’t be where they are today without their musical talents. ‘It’s really important to prove we can sing,’ she stated, ‘cos that’s how we got our jobs. Trouble is, you can’t physically sing and dance at the same time.’

However fellow Steps star Lee Latchford-Evans stresses that it’s far more important to please the fans rather than the music critics and that the band themselves are confident of their own abilities. ‘The most important thing is that people enjoy our shows,’ says Lee. ‘We don’t care if one song is live and one is mimed as long as the audience are having a great time.’

In their video interview with worldpop, Steps also poked fun at the ridiculous rumours concerning them which are currently circulating the music world. ‘My most recent rumour,’ says Faye, ‘is that somebody – hello to whoever it is – has been pretending to be me and saying that I’m having a baby at the end of May!’

The band obviously flatly deny such stories but Faye admits that Steps love a bit of scandal: ‘Everybody loves gossip as long as it’s not about themselves.’

This is from the same interview, courtesy from Worldpop:

worldpop: What are the plans for Steps in the year 2001?
Faye: Travelling. Holidays.
Lee: Then more promo and gigs in the US. Busy year, busy year.
Faye: We’re doing some TV work and we’re each doing a lot more writing and recording. But we aren’t going to be out and about so much next year. You’ll only see us on the smelly (TV) not on tour!

Catch the interview on video here

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