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It is a 2 CD set, is it 4? Just Kidding about the 4 :o), who really knows officially eh? Anyway confusion is everywhere. What is official is that the official site is saying that the CD will include the songs Too Busy Thinking About My Baby and Claire’s solo on the tour In It For Love. As for everyone who e-mailed me about 2 CDs, all online stores that I have visited still only have the one listed, and that includes actual record stores not just places that happen to sell CDs amongst everything else, if these stores change I’ll post it up here. But STEPS haven’t released a 2 CD set since Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart (the last proper 2CD in the UK by any Jive Artist – to my knowledge) and as January single sales are traditionally lower (about 40,000 will get you to number one) it seems rather silly to release 2 CDs, let that be saved for when it will be needed later in the year!
For example HMV have the single listed like this:
Its The Way You Make Me Feel / Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
1. Its The Way You Make Me Feel
2. Too Busy Thinking About Me Baby
3. – (no listed but bound to be) In It For Love
Release Date: 2nd January 2001
Catalogue Number: 9201232

I know it might be a little late for your advent calendar :o) but Tesco are now selling the STEPS one half-price!

This is from Ananova, this report is basically saying that STEPS are the 3rd most popular 2001 calendar with pop stars brought in the stores this Christmas, they are behind Britney Spears at number one and Robbie Williams are number two. Westlife are way behind at number five. Overall STEPS have the 7th biggest selling calendar.

This is from Channel 4 text:
Lee from STEPS didn’t grow up with his fancy double-barrelled surname Latchford-Evens. He only inserted Latchford after joining STEPS, in honour of Bob Latchford – a former striker at Everton, Lee’s favourite team (Sunday People)
The Truth: “True, though frightfully old story,” sniffs STEPS PR. “Like many people in showbiz, Lee changed his name to avoid confusion with people who have the same surname. But this story came out when STEPS first started.”

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